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  • Afghanistan Herat A burqa clad woman passes by U.S. soldiers patrolling in an armoured vehicle on International Women's Day.
    Salma works on her laptop as Rada walks through an open door in their house.
    An Afghan woman adjusts her burqa, as she walks past by a shop selling food in Kabul. A menora is reflected in the window
    Afghan parliamentary election candidate Galia Nooristani is seen in Kabul next to a poster of a model.
    A burqa clad woman feeds pigeons at the shrine of Hazrat Ali.
    Afghan police officers train in Herat. NATO defense ministers have approved a mission to train the Afghan police in paramilitary skills in a bid to cut the force's soaring death rate.
    A family, sitting in a patch of sunlight shining through a window and a woman holds up her child.
    A girl juggles tennis balls during the World Circus Day organized by Afghan Educational Children Circus and Mobile Mini Circus for Children in Kabul.
    A woman at Maslach Refugee Camp. More than 113,000 people, displaced by drought and war, crowd the camp, 15 miles west of Herat.
    An Afghan girl practices the martial arts with a sword at a Wushu training club.
    Women attend their graduation ceremony in Kabul. Reports state that about 8.3 million Afghan students, of which 39 per cent are girls, are enrolled at 14,000 schools and educational institutions, but more than 4.5 million children of school age remained deprived of education and illiteracy is still widespread.
    Newly trained army officers of the Afghan National Army and instructors during a graduation ceremony at the National Army's training centre in Kabul.
    Women talk as one gets out of a car in a car park in Kabul.
    A woman and her child look through a window from their room in the women's section at Herat prison
    Rahimeh, who self-immolated in 1995, sits with her husband at their home.
    A child watches as a female landmine victim examines her prosthetic leg in a mirror at the International Red Cross Orthopedic (ICRC) rehabilitation centre.
    Female customers sit unveiled to have their faces made up in a beauty salon.
    A singer encourages the crowd at a concert in Kabul.
    A child stands under an umbrella by a ruin on Nadery Hill.
    Female customers sit unveiled to have their faces made up in a beauty salon.
    Afghan women sit during Ashura, a 10 day period of mourning for Imam Hussein, the seven-century grandson of Prophet Mohammad who was killed in a battle in Karbala in Iraq, in 680 AD.
    A burqa-covered woman reads the Sura Al-Fatiha verse of the Koran (Qur'an) over the grave of a relative in the graveyard of Kabul's Saghi District. According to reports, Afghan and Pakistani officials are meeting in Kabul in hopes of ending the nine-year-old war.
    A group of Afghan women wearing burqas walk down a road in the central Afghan province of Bamiyan.
    Afghan women who lost legs to landmines lie on a bed at the International Red Cross Orthopedic (ICRC) rehabilitation centre in Herat. The aims of the ICRC rehabilitation centre are to educate and rehabilitate landmine victims and others with deformities to help them return their former lives. According to the UN mine information network, 62 people on average are killed or injured by mines each month in Afghanistan.
    Veiled young girls study at their desks during a lesson in a makeshift school in an abandoned building, as wind blows through the classroom.
    Women broadcast at Herat National Radio.
    Afghan Shiite Muslim women wearing burqas pray during Ashura at a Shiite mosque in Kabul. Ashura is a period of mourning in remembrance of the seventh century martyrdom of Prophet Mohammad's grandson Imam Hussein, who was killed in a battle in Karbala in Iraq in 680 AD.
    Two female prisoners in their cell in the women's section at Herat prison. They have both been accused of murdering their abusive husbands.
    A woman broadcasts from the television centre in Herat.
    Burqa clad pedestrians walk on a street of Kabul. The war-torn country, beset by a decade-long Taliban insurgency and rampant corruption, is one of the world's poorest, with more than a third of the population living below the poverty line.
    Rada feeds her dog in the yard of her house in Kabul.